Al Poullis Professional Photographer Oakville
I’m a photographer based in Oakville, Ontario, with the buzzing city of Toronto on my doorstep. I’m also an Oakville web designer. I travel all over shooting my favorite stuff and having a great time in the process. Iā€™d describe my work as creative, honest and different.

There is nothing more I love to photograph than people and Nature. There is something magical in bringing-out the real nature and true emotions behind every person, or the dynamics of a group.

The real beauty of a photograph is how it takes a single, precious moment and then breathes life into it for a lifetime. A smile of a child, a deep connection between family members, a sensuous pose of a woman, the potent look of a man – all transcended through a photograph.

Together we can create a collection of beautiful images that will always stay vibrant and full of personality.

Reach out at [email protected].

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