Bronte On Ice

Here’s a photograph I produced in the middle of Canadian winter, at sub-zero temperatures by the lake. Surely, it was freezing-cold at Bronte Harbor in Oakville, Ontario but at the end …mission accomplished!

The trick here is wireless flash and the placement of multiple remote flashguns in strategic positions. There is one gun behind the tree stump, towards the low-center of the image, hidden by the tree itself. Another one is hidden just off the frame on a tripod, shooting down on the ice at the low-left part of the image. This gave the ice this wonderful, diamond-like texture.

A third gun was placed on a stand to the left of the frame, bathing the frozen brunches with light.

Photography and luck go hand-in-hand! See that magnificent light coming through the clouds? I never planned for that! It was just there, the right time!

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